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Can you either use the contact us part of the web-site and leave your contact details or phone 0845 680 2623. 

We find that using the website is a more reliable method of contact as your query will be logged in our records.


Complete details of the Helpline service can be found by downloading our helpline brochure.

Because Data Protection and Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation can be difficult to understand and complicated to put into practice, we run two dedicated and confidential telephone Helplines to assist you; one Helpline is dedicated to data protection the other dedicated to FOI.

Our experts have several years of experience in fielding a variety of complex questions via the helpline, for example:

“Our organisation now employs statutory powers to obtain some personal data. How should we change our information collecting methods?”

“Our company has decided to use its mailing list to promote the products of another company in our group. Do we need consent?”

“I have just received a request from a public authority for a copy of a database containing details of all my employees. How do I respond to this request?”

“I have just received a Subject Access request from a divorced parent on behalf of a child who is also a ward of court. What should I do?”

The annual subscription fee to each Helpline is £595 plus VAT; The joint Helpline fee is £995 plus VAT.

If you are interested in joining the Amberhawk helpline, please click here

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