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Do you want access to reliable and authentic sources on information law – for example, on data protection, information assurance, the privacy aspects of human rights law and FOI? If so, we recommend you save time by bookmarking this page so you can easily find links to:

Most used parts of the UK Commissioner's/Tribunal sites

Commissioner web-sites, in English, that deal with data protection

Commissioner web-sites, in English, that deal with FOI issues

International bodies dealing with data protection/human rights policy

APEC (Asia Pacific)
Council of Europe
European Court of Human Rights
European Data Protection Supervisor
European Union Data Protection and Working Party links
Ministry of Justice (UK)
United Nations

The most often used parts of UK Parliamentary website

Sources of official information about the Government’s Information Assurance Agenda

Websites of leading privacy or FOI advocates active in the UK

If a link does not work, or you think we should add another link, please tell us via the contact us facility.

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