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On-site Information Law

Each on-site course described below links to text that describes it’s content. If you want to print all the text in one document just print the “onsite brochure” on

If you are looking to devolve data protection and/or FOI compliance to departmental managerial team, or if you are aiming to train a central team to deal with aspects of information law (including information security), or if the courses described below do not meet your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us by the link. We can normally identify a course specification that meets your needs at no additional cost.


  1. Access to information under the Data Protection Act and FOIA/EIR
  2. Refusing requests for information or personal data
  3. Auditing data protection
  4. Auditing freedom of information/EIRs
  5. Data handling/security for public sector managers
  6. Application of the data protection principles to various sectors
  7. Data Protection Act and CCTV
  8. Data Protection Act and data sharing (e.g. child protection)
  9. Data Protection Act and employee data
  10. Data Protection Act and finance service delivery
  11. Data Protection Act and marketing
  12. Data Protection and Privacy Impact Assessments
  13. Data Protection and outsourcing
  14. Data Protection Act training for support staff (Principles)
  15. Data Protection Act training for support staff (Rights&Exemptions)
  16. Data Protection Update on the latest issues
  17. FOI/EIR training for support staff (Handling Requests)
  18. FOI/EIR training for support staff (Application of exemptions)
  19. FOI/EIR interface and the interface with the Data Protection Act
  20. The Environmental Information Regulations
  21. Information Security and the law
  22. Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
  23. Re-use of public sector information
  24. Onsite ISEB in Data Protection and FOI
  25. Other Information Law courses

Please follow the link if you want details of our fees for onsite courses, discounts and administrative arrangements.

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