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Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

This day long course looks at the RIPA powers as they relate to the interception of communications; the acquisition of communications data (eg billing data); intrusive surveillance (on residential premises/in private vehicles); covert surveillance in the course of specific operations; the use of covert human intelligence sources (agents, informants, undercover officers) and access to encrypted data. We normally discuss with clients what RIPA powers they want delegates to understand.

For each of these powers, the course identifies the purposes for which they may be used; which authorities can use the powers; who should authorise each use of the power; the use that can be made of the material gained; the nature of the independent judicial oversight; and the means of redress for the individual.

We normally deliver this course in the context of a “surveillance situations” that delegates want discussed. Such situations include: use of CCTV images, directed surveillance (e.g. on instructions from the police); covert surveillance (e.g. undercover detection); employee monitoring at work; communications data access (e.g. who has called whom and when) and surveillance when you check facts given to you by someone (e.g. anonymous tip-offs).

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