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Re-use of public sector information

This half day course covers the "Re-use of public sector information Regulations (S.I. 1515/2005)" which applies to certain public authorities and the information that can be released under FOIA. The course covers: Why "re-use" is seen to be a desirable outcome; which public sector bodies are involved in re-use and what information is included or excluded from the scope of the Regulations.

The course follows an application for re-use from its initial request, the production of an asset register of information subject to reuse and the acceptance or refusal by a public sector body of a reuse request. We cover IPR issues and licences and the fees that can be raised, the timescales for a response and what should be in a "Refusal Notice". Finally we look at the Appeals process and specific issues (e.g. if the re-use relates to personal data and whether the public sector body keep the revenues from reuse).

We would also consider your requirements in the context of the “Unlocking Innovation” policy and the publicly availability of several public sector databases (usually statistical).

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