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Data Protection Act and CCTV

This course can be a half day or all day course. The day long course includes the following: Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, definitions, the lawful processing of images, fair collection notices and signage, camera siting, CCTV or surveillance of staff or at work, covert use of cameras and RIPA/DPA interface, Retention and disposal of images, Disclosure of images (e.g. to external agencies), Misuse of images (e.g. CCTV cameras follow an attractive blonde) and rights of access to images. Also considered is the ICO’s CCTV Code of Practice, CCTV procurement and Privacy by Design initiatives and the importance of staff training. If need be the course can cover, scope of the national security exemption and the crime prevention exemption, CCTV surveillance of demonstrations and ACPO’s CCTV strategy.

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17/10/2017 DPBill provides flexible grounds for public bodies when processing personal data for their statutory functions more

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