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Data Protection Act and data sharing (e.g. child protection)

This course can be a half day or all day course. The day long course includes: a formal teaching session in relation to the interplay between the common law of confidence and Article 8 of the Human Rights Act with relevant parts of the Data Protection Act and other legislation (e.g. Children Act 2004) and subsequent regulations. The course also covers the application of the all Data Protection Principles to data sharing (e.g. consent, as required by law, and the public interest) and classroom discussion re the key elements of the application of official guidance. The course includes a case-study session which starts from the easier case studies and ends with a complicated case. (We would discuss the scenarios with you to make sure they are relevant to you).

The course also explores disclosure procedures in great detail and explores why sometimes reluctance to share personal data. The content of relevant official guidance (e.g. the Code of Practice on data sharing) and other documentation (e.g. any relevant data sharing protocol) as appropriate.

If you opt for a half-day course, we would want you to identify which part of the day long course content can be excluded or shortened.

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