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Data Protection Practitioner

The BCS Practitioner qualification covers the DPA2018, EU_GDPR, UK_GDPR and PECR. The five day course provides comprehensive and in-depth training for those responsible for implementing data protection legislation; the course includes many tests and exam practice to ensure success.

Data Protection Foundation

The BCS Foundation qualification course covers the key components of the UK_GDPR. The three day course is ideal training for those who have a supporting role in implementing data protection legislation or who need an overview of the legislation.

Day Data Protection Courses

A series of day courses that focus on specific data protection topics in detail (e.g. Principles, Definitions and Rights).

Changes to the UK_GDPR

The CHANGES TO THE UK_GDPR course via Zoom has been suspended, subject to the outcome of the July 2024 General Election and the policy priorities of the next UK Government.

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