Data Protection Practitioner

Amberhawk’s Practitioner Course delivers the BCS Data Protection Practitioner syllabus in 40 hours (5 consecutive days; 9.30am-5.30pm); the syllabus which deals with the DPA2018, EU_GDPR and UK_GDPR can be downloaded here.

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Booking arrangements and course dates are at the bottom of the page. However, if you have any query (e.g. reserve a Practitioner Course on a future date not listed below; want to explore delivery of this Course onsite), please contact us here.

Day 1
History and context of data protection, key definitions (e.g. personal data, controller, processor, consent, third party, recipient) and when the DPA2018 applies and when it does not. Accountability in general, DPO appointment and data protection management.
Day 2
Understanding the lawful bases for processing personal data and the conditions associated with special category of personal data/criminal offence personal data; this includes detail from each Part of Schedule 1 of the DPA2018. Obligations arising from each data protection principle from a legal and practical standpoint (e.g. transparency, security and accountability).
Day 3
DPIA, Data Breach Reporting, Data Protection by Design and Default, the Processor – Controller relationship and transfers outside the European Union and UK (post Brexit). The afternoon considers all the data subject rights in detail.
Day 4
The main exemptions in Article 23 and Schedules 2 to 4 of the DPA2018, disclosure procedures, data sharing and the relationship between data protection and the common law of confidentiality. Application of data protection obligations to specific sectors or subjects, such as marketing, CCTV, HR, data matching, profiling
Day 5
Application of data protection obligations to the internet and marketing (including under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations). Information Commissioner's role and functions, Codes of Practice and enforcement powers available to the Commissioner. Offences. Mock exam issued.
Mock/BCS exams
You will be provided set of Mock exams and will be asked to choose a date when you sit the BCS 90 minute, on-line, multiple choice exam. We recommend you take the exam about a fortnight after the last day of the course. This is to give you time to: reflect on the course content; contact course tutors to iron-out difficulties; complete any outstanding exercises in the courseware and attempt the Mock exams.

BOOK YOUR Data Protection Practitioner COURSE

The Practitioner course is simultaneously delivered by face-to-face training and by Zoom. This allows delegates to choose what type of presentation style they prefer or give maximum flexibility if something goes wrong (e.g. train cancelled; children cannot go to school).  Delegates can switch between the delivery options during a course at any time.

The fee per delegate is £2,500+VAT. This includes the fee for five days of training, our mock exams and the BCS exam fee. Multiple delegates can be booked for the same Practitioner Course in one booking transaction.

Charities and NGOs should consider the Shelagh Gaskill Bursary which provides for £350 discount. If you think you qualify, please email providing details of your charity/NGO and which Practitioner course you wish to book.

Price (ex VAT)
16 September –
20 September 2024
London or Zoom
18 November –
22 November 2024
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20 January –
24 January 2025
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17 March –
21 March 2025
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12 May –
16 May 2025
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30 June –
4 July 2025
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