Qualification for DPOs/DP Leads in Education

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) or data protection (DP) Leads working in the UK’s complicated school educational sector deserve specialist training and practical support from well-known DP experts.

Consequently, Tenjin has joined forces with Amberhawk to produce a new three-day, certified, on-line training course exclusively for hard-pressed DP practitioners in these educational establishments.

Our Certified Data Protection Practitioner in Education combines our deep practical understanding of how DP law applies in an educational context with the power of certification.  This allows your professionals to obtain the necessary knowledge, with the required rigour, from expert tutors.

We expect your chosen DP staff become more capable and confident that their newly found skills have a solid foundation in law and practice.  Simultaneously, your organisation is well positioned to achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance with any DP obligation.

The course can be attended without sitting the assessment. 

The comprehensive syllabus, which includes all the DP flashpoints that are likely to be encountered in the educational sector.  To find out more, please follow this link.  Click on these links for course dates, fees, the syllabus and to make a booking. A sample assessment questions can be found at the end of the syllabus.)

If you still have any questions, please use the “CONTACT” facility (top right of this page) or email: admin@mytenjin.com