Data Protection Foundation

Amberhawk’s three-day Foundation Course delivers training that follows the BCS Data Protection Foundation syllabus in 16 hours. The Foundation syllabus can be found here.

The objective is to provide delegates with an understanding of the important data protection elements (e.g. definitions, Principles, rights, enforcement, data breach, DPO appointment) of the UK’s version of the GDPR. Content of each day of training is specified below.

The Foundation Course is most suitable for those who need to know about the main data protection requirements for their work function (e.g. a person responsible for data protection from a SME or a charity; staff who help the data protection officers in their work; staff who deal with data subject rights; managers who need to know data protection essentials in more detail).

Booking arrangements and course dates are at the bottom of the page. However, if you have any query (e.g. reserve a Foundation Course on a future date not listed below; want to explore delivery of this Course onsite), please contact us here.

Day 1
Introduction to data protection, key definitions (e.g. personal data, controller, processor, consent); when the UK_GDPR applies and when it does not; the lawful bases; conditions associated with the processing of special category of personal data.
Day 2
Review of each data protection principle (e.g. accountability, security, transparency) and issues such as Controller-Processor relationship, DPIA, Data Breach reporting. The transfer options for transfers of personal data outside the European Union/UK. The afternoon considers data subject rights and a brief review of exemptions.
Day 3
Review of Information Commissioner's role, enforcement powers and offences. Notification and remaining parts of the syllabus. Limited ePrivacy/PECR. Exam discussion. Mock exam issued.

BOOK YOUR Data Protection Foundation COURSE

The Foundation course is simultaneously delivered by face-to-face training and by Zoom. This allows delegates choose what type of presentation style they prefer or give maximum flexibility if something goes wrong (e.g. train cancelled; children cannot go to school).  Delegates can switch between the delivery options during a course at any time.

The fee per delegate (£1,500+VAT) includes three days of training (discounted), a mock exam and the BCS Foundation exam fee. Multiple delegates can be booked for the same course in one booking transaction.

Price (ex VAT)
2 July –
4 July 2024
London or Zoom
8 October –
10 October 2024
London or Zoom
3 December –
5 December 2024
London or Zoom